Should Watching 13 Reasons Why Be Mandatory in Schools?

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Netflix’s recent hit 13 Reasons Why isn’t just a trending show based on the 2007 book by Jay Asher. It’s also become an eye-opening wake-up call about mental health and sexual assault for many teens and their parents. As numerous fans continue to praise the show’s take on suicide and encourage parents to use it […] Continue Reading →

Meet the Badass Cast of American Gods

Come Sunday, April 30, the characters of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods are going to invade your world. Starz has adapted the treasured 2001 novel, and they’ve assembled a killer cast. You’ll meet new faces (unless you already knew about Ricky Whittle) and be reunited with familiar ones (Gillian Anderson looks incredible). Before the show premieres, […] Continue Reading →

The Ultimate ’80s Wedding Reception Playlist

Whether you grew up in the ’80s or not, one thing’s for sure: the music from that decade features plenty of upbeat tunes to get down to, especially if you have a wedding — and wedding reception playlist — to plan. If you’re looking to bring a good time (and some dance-offs) to your big […] Continue Reading →

Grey’s Anatomy Was Almost Called Something Else and It Was Terrible

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The show we all know as Grey’s Anatomy was very nearly called something else. As originally reported by Elle, creator Shonda Rhimes revealed the original title in her online TV writing masterclass series, which sounds completely worth the $90 buy-in. The working title? Surgeons. That’s it. Not Grey’s Surgeons or Anatomy of a Surgeon, just […] Continue Reading →

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