Angelina Jolie Discloses Double Mastectomy

Angelina Jolie in Atelier Verscae (I'm in love with this dress and clutch!)

Angelina Jolie revealed today in an article she published in the New York Times entitled “My Medical Choice”, that she underwent a double mastectomy in February in order to prevent breast cancer after test results revealed that she carried a gene (the BRCA1 gene) that made her susceptible to a diagnosis.

Jolie’s very honest column said that she was fearful of dying at a young age like her mother did at age 56 after battling ovarian cancer for nearly ten years. She also said that, although the surgery was scary, Brad was by her side from start to finish and, as a result, her chances of being diagnosed with breast cancer went from 87% to 5 %!

Jolie completed her double mastectomy in April when she had reconstructive surgery. She noted in her article that her children are aware of what she went through and had often asked whether she would die like their grandmother. They notice her small scars but don’t notice any other changes.

Jolie’s article had a lot of messages for readers who may be struggling with the idea of making the sacrifice now, to get a double mastectomy, do avoid the increased chances breast cancer later on. One of those important messages was:

On a personal note, I do not feel any less of a woman. I feel empowered that I made a strong choice that in no way diminishes my femininity.

Although this blog and other gossip sites have poked fun at Angelina, just like they have every other celeb, I do admire her decision to be proactive for herself and for her family and her courage to talk about it with the entire world.

Nevertheless – this was still hilarious:

Angelina Jolie


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