Rihanna and Chris Brown Dunzo!


Apparently Chris Brown and Rihanna are over… again… for now at least.

They’re on. They’re off. They’re on. They’re off. It’s old and I just hope this is the last time, just like I hope most of the Groundhog Dayish stories we post on here would just go away.

An E! News source has told the network that Rihanna is back to focusing on her career and other business ventures and wants to move on from Chris, who has been in one bucket of hot water after another for a while now, i.e. brawl with Drake, lawsuits, car accidents, assault, probation violation, blah blah blah.

Rumors of the couple’s split has been swirling for a bit, particularly since Chris has been seen out at clubs with some mysterious blond. Rihanna doesn’t seem to be too bothered by Chris’ rebounding though. She’s been seen out and about, having fun with her friends on tour.

Rihanna’s split from Chris is definitely a good decision for her career, her reputation and for her young fans who look up to her. Let’s see if this sticks for longer than a week.


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