MTV Cancels Buckwild After Star’s Death

Shain Gandee

This is a move that should be shocking to no on.  After the tragic death of “Buckwild” star Shain Gandee, MTV has decided to cancel the series.

Production on the show’s second series had already been halted due to the incident – and that stoppage is for good, says the network.

Buckwild focused on the the stars’ doing such as activities off-roading and tire roll-downs and – of course – hard partying.

Gandee passed away after such a night of hard-partying ended in tragedy when Gandee decided to go off-roading in the early hours of the morning April 1st.  The two suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning when Gandee’s truck got stuck in the mud and the exhaust pipe became clogged, filling the interior of the truck with toxic air.



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