Kim Kardashian Shows Off Baby Bump


kim kardashian baby bump large

Kim Kardashian took the opportunity over the weekend to take a picture of her favorite thing – herself, of course.

Kimmy-cakes, who continues to act like it’s still 2006, MySpace is all the rage, and selfies are still trendy, revealed her 6 month baby bump on Instagram.  She also revealed just how tragically she’s been dressing her maternity body.  Kim’s baby bump is rather tiny and she showed herself to actually have a cute baby body, confirming that she has been wearing atrociously fitting clothes for her pregnancy and thus creating the illusion that she’s  as big as a house instead of a normal, healthy pregnancy weight.

However, it seems as if her face is surgically altered beyond repair, as she continues to look more and more like Kris Jenner as each day passes.


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