Jay-Z Is a Sports Agent Now


Everyone knows Jay-Z is a man who likes to wear many hats.  He’s a rapper, music mogul, owned a fashion label (Rocawear), restaurateur and sports club owner  (The 40/40 Clubs in New York,  Chicago and Atlantic City), co-brand director for Budweiser Select, and part owner of the Brooklyn Nets.  If that all wasn’t impressive enough,  now he can add one more job title to his resume now.

Sports agent.

That’s right.  Jay-Z has gone the way of Tom Cruise and launched his own sports agency, called – of course – Roc Nation Sports.  And he’s already got his first client. The first person he’s showing the money to is New York Yankees‘ second baseman Robinson Cano, who ditched his high-power and well-known agent Scott Boras, in favor of Hov.

We’ll have to see if how many more athletes follows Cano’s lead in the next few weeks, but i don’t doubt it’ll be quite a few.  Jay-Z holds a lot of power in the entertainment and sporting industry, so while this may seem as a surprise to some, it somehow just fits with everything else he’s done.


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