In Case You Missed It: The “Carrie” Trailer is Here

Later this year, Julianne Moore and Chloe Grace Moretz are hitting the big screen as they crazy it up in the remake of Stephen King’s classic novel Carrie.  The first full-length trailer is here and you won’t even need to wait for the film, because the trailer pretty much gives the entire movie away.

Both Julianne and Chloe are fantastic actors and while I’m interested in seeing the film, I have to say they are both way too pretty for their roles – especially Chloe, who is supposed to be bullied for being awkward, strange and a bit chubby.  However, when I look at the ethereally pretty Chloe, I just can’t help but think she’s the type of girl who’d be the cheer captain and not sitting on the bleachers.  God help me, I can tell it’s Friday and my brain is fried because I just made a Taylor Swift song reference.  Vodka, take me away!


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