If Football Doesn’t Work Out, Tim Tebow Now Has the Chance to Act

Tim Tebow

A faith-based indie producer named David Dginguerian really wants quarterback Tim Tebow to star in his next film and he’s sent a personalized letter to the athlete to entice him to change professions, or to at least make some time in his busy off-season for his project.

In his letter, Dginguerian oggled Tebow by saying that he is “an inspiration to so many on the field and off and I am certain that your passion will also come through in films.”

Of course every tween/teen church-going girl would also love to see Tebow in a movie and I’m sure landing Christianity’s hottest young(er) face would also be good for sales as well. So far, Tebow is going to stay focused on football and the Jets, but you just never know how much influential the paycheck may be.


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