The Biebs Cancelled His Portugal Concert Due To Poor Ticket Sales

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With Justin Bieber fainting at his London concert last week, the natural assumption when Biebs announced he was cancelling his second of two Portugal performances this week was that it was due to health concerns.

Au contraire, mon frere! TMZ says though it was widely speculated something was going on with the Biebs, the real reason for nixing the concert was actually because of poor ticket sales!

The venue’s website announced the cancellation, stating,  ”Due to unforeseen circumstances, Justin Bieber was forced to cancel the second performance in Portugal, March 12.”

However, the scheduled concert date for March 11 was unaffected.  As for the people planning to attend the March 12 concert? They’re SOL, and are instructed to apply for a refund. And a source tells TMZ empty seats are to blame for the heartbreak of the tweens holding tickets for the now-cancelled concert:

Sources connected to Justin have confirmed … it was a “business decision” that triggered the cancellation.  Our sources say ticket sales were still “good … more than 60%” … just not good enough.

It’s pretty common for lesser artists to bail when sales are bad, but unusual for singer’s on Justin’s level.

I think it’s pretty clear something is amiss with Justin as of late.  Hanging out with the wrong type of people, having masses amounts of money and never being told ‘no’ – especially when you’re so young – has negatively impacted many a Hollywood celebrity.  And TMZ speculates that perhaps Justin’s star is fading.

I think he’s definitely taking the shine off that ‘good boy’ star, but it remains to be seen whether his recent behavior is a hiccup in in his career, or the beginning of a downward spiral.  I guess we’ll all have to stay tuned.


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