So…Amanda Bynes Wants Drake to “Murder” Her Hoo-Ha

Well, Amanda Bynes tweeted to let the entire world know that she has a crush on Drake.

As in she wants Drake to crush her puswah into obliteration.

Bynes, who backed off for a while from trying to dethrone Blohan from her reign of Child Stars Gone Wrong, has hopped back into the social media circuit with Tumblr and Twitter lately to once again have us all looking on in wondrous horror as we mutter to ourselves “what the actual fuck?”  Her latest offering? A shout out(?) to Drake:


Well then. I guess that’s…flattering?

Anyhoo, here is some recent pictures of Amanda from her Twatter.  Can someone please explain to me why she’s trying to look like Nicki Minaj?  Also, what flea market did she get that wig from? It’s horrid.

amanda bynes cheek piercing amanda bynes wig mac amanda bynes wig


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