Sesame Street Alum Leaves Girlfriend Destitute After a 40 Year Relationship

Roscoe and Elmo

Roscoe Orman played Gordon Robinson on ‘Sesame Street’ for 30 years and occasionally still makes a cameo on the children’s shoe, but the welcome mat should be retracted after hearing that he has not only left the mother of his four children and significant other of a whopping 40 years, but also left her penniless!

Sharon Orman, who never married Roscoe, but did take his last name, told the NYPost that Sesame’s father figure has recently gone through a stint of cheating and has left her for a much younger woman named Kimberley Lamarque. The two even married last December.

Sharon says that since Roscoe moved out he’s been completely absent from her kid’s lives. Roscoe also didn’t leave Sharon with any mula because she’s being evicted from her home in NJ because Roscoe stopped paying the bills. Apparently Sharon now has to sleep on the couch at one of her kid’s homes. Sharon is so mad that Roscoe’s midlife crisis has left her destitute she’s filed a lawsuit against him because she believes she’s entitled to spousal support after dealing with him for the past four decades.

Sharon said,

I want people to know he’s been living a double life. I gave up my career to raise the kids and never cheated on him. I am the one who made him a ‘Sesame Street’ dad. This is what I get after 40 years? You can leave me now? 

Big Bird wants to know your response Roscoe.


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