Rumor: George Clooney & Stacy Keibler Are Over


18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - ArrivalsI totally believe this rumor is true. After all, awards season is now over, and I assume the contract relationship between George Clooney and Stacy Kiebler is, as well.

Last week’s US Weekly claimed the end was nigh for these two, blaming the age difference between the two, along with Stacy’s penchant for partying and the fact they have nothing in common as the main culprits in the realtionships demise.  (I blame their contract’s predetermined expiration date).

Now this week, UK tabloid The Sun is saying George and Stacy are officially dunzo, and George is shopping for a new beard girlfriend:

GEORGE CLOONEY is back on the market.

The actor and STACY KEIBLER have split after deciding their relationship wasn’t going anywhere.

A source said: “They knew it was never going to end in marriage or babies and Stacy does want kids and a husband in the next few years.”

George softened the break-up blow by giving the former wrestler an apartment and a load of jewelry. That was probably to avoid getting clotheslined.

Stacy walks away with an increased awareness level in Hollywood (barely) but a nice apartment and some baubles she can sell in the future.  Not bad for a two year “relationship,” though I have to say that I never truly bought these two as a couple.  For some reason, they always interacted like acquaintances passing each other by on the red carpet, exchanging casual pleasantries and talking of the weather and never anything more intimate than that.


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