Plea Deal Completely Off the Table for Lindsay Lohan

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Since Lindsay Lohan will always take the road less traveled AKA the highway to hell in life, it’s not shocking to realize that she’s completely fucked up any generous chance of a plea deal involving her current legal dramatics.

Sources close to the situation say prosecutors have taken a plea deal bargain completely off the table in Blohan’s ‘lying to cops’ case and that they will  move forward with a trial date.  Fact is, they feel they have enough of a case against LiLo that they were being generous with offering her anything less than jail time.  However, TMZ says Lindsay’s refusal to take any blame in the case is hampering her new attorney Mark Heller’s negotiating power:

We’re told negotiations broke down because Lindsay won’t accept ANY punishment for lying to cops in connection with her car accident last June.  As we reported, Lindsay told police she was NOT driving the Porsche that crashed into a truck on Pacific Coast Highway — she was.

Fact is … negotiations were doomed from the get-go, because Lindsay’s lawyer, Mark Heller, did not have his client on board when he tried cutting a deal.

There’s one other chance of avoiding trial.  Everyone must be in court Monday, and Lindsay’s lawyer could try and enter a plea, but given Lindsay’s state of mind … it’s highly unlikely.

So the trial is set to start Monday, and we can’t forget that this mishap could also count as a probation violation in her jewelry heist case.  There’s one part of me that thinks that Lindsay will once again get off scot-free.  However, there’s another, more diabolical side hoping the girl gets the book thrown at her.  She’s ridiculous and a good deal of her problem appears to stem from the fact that she seemingly thinks she’s above reproach, but also in her way of putting herself in the poor victim role in every single one of her fuckups.

It’s time to see a real consequence for her actions.


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