Miley Cyrus Twerks and Is Wearing Her Engagement Ring Again

Miley Cyrus got back on the interwebz yesterday sporting her huge engagement ring from fiance (still?Liam Hemsworth while wearing a unicorn onesie.  Then she uploaded a video of her dancing to Wop by J. Dash  in said unicorn onesie.  You read that last sentence right and you’re not even stoned yet.

On my best days, I’m thankful Twatter/Instagram/Facebook et al. wasn’t around when I was a teenager or a young twenty something, because I can only imagine the type of shit I would’ve uploaded into the ether for all the world to see.  Luckily, the only thing to witness my dance moves (if dancing were to look like an Grand Mal seizure) was my floor length wicker mirror in my bedroom and, when I got older, the Saturday night crowed at <insert bar/club here> – and thankfully, most of those drunkards were doing the same type of  moves like Jager that I was doing.  Anyhoo, videos like this make me even more grateful that I didn’t have such easy access to the world – especially when I was high off my ass or drunk as a skunk and convinced I could beat anyone in a dance off.

So, go ahead and take a deep hit off your bong – you’re going to need it to watch this video.




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