Biebs Comes Home From Tour and Immediately Gets in Fight

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been in Europe on an overseas tour for the past couple months and he still has another month and change to go. While most people would want to come back state-side for a little rest and relaxation, Bieber likes to keep it interesting by getting into fights with his neighbors, which causes them to file police reports against him. He then enjoys spending what other free time he has on his break explaining his side of the story to the police, who have to investigate the battery he was accused of.

According to reports, Biebs had a brand new Ferrari delivered to his house in Calabasas last night and today he wanted to test out the speed up and down his street. Not only was this activity incredibly loud for his neighbors, but it was also dangerous and one concerned neighbor went over to Bieber to talk it out. Unfortunately, Bieber doesn’t talk and the two the got into a huge fight around 9 a.m.

According to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Office and the police report filed by the neighbor soon after the incident, Justin got a little physical during the altercation and allegedly committed a battery.

Of course Justin denies it all. We’ll see how it all turns out after the investigation… or maybe we never will if Justin cuts the neighbor a big check, goes back across the pond to finish his tour, and does something else ridiculous to divert the attention from this incident.


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