Julianne Hough Has $100K Worth of Jewelry Stolen from Car

Julianne Hough

Girrrrrrrl.  What in the hell are you leaving that kind of jewelry in a car for?

Julianne Hough had $100,000 worth of jewelry that boyfriend Ryan Seacrest had given her stolen last Friday – after she left the items in her car!

The dancer/actress (and I use that last term loosely) was reportedly visiting a friend in Hollywood last week and parked her Mercedes in apartment complex’s lot and left three pieces of jewelry in the car – all gifts from Ryan.  When she returned to her car hours later, the items were gone!

A source tells TMZ one of the items nabbed from the car was a $50,000 watch.

It’s unclear whether the car was locked or not, but authorities say there were no signs of forced entry.

I honestly can’t believe someone would leave that type of jewelry in a car.  I had my cheap ass purse with about $100 worth of MAC makeup in it stolen once out of my car while I was picking up pizza from a Pizza Hut once and I was really upset!  I was only in the pizza joint for 2 minutes!  Thieves don’t mess around when it comes to breaking into cars.  It’s easy bait.


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