In Case You Missed It: Lindsay’s Latest Mug Shot

lindsay lohan mugshot

Lindsay Lohan can add a new artistic piece to her collection of mug shots.  For the sixth time, Blohan smiled for the birdie at a Los Angeles area police station (this time, Santa Monica to be precise).

After pleading no contest on Monday on charges of giving false information to an officer, LiLo channeled her inner model, made  love to the camera, then did the ho stroll out of the police station.

On a scale of 1 to atrocious, this latest pic isn’t all that bad.  The hair color is much more flattering than the straw blonde she had going for a long time, which washed her out.  Of course, negating the hair improvement is her pillow lips and bad eye make up.  That overdone cat liner effect on her left eye (your right) is giving me Liz Taylor vibes – and I’m not talking the real Liz Taylor but the I’M BORED! I’M SO BORED! version Lindsay played for Lifetime.

Lindsay’s mug shots are real-life time lapse of what meth and plastic surgery can do to your face, so take note, kids.  Don’t let this shit happen to you.


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