This is Why We Shouldn’t Let Lindsay Have Nice Things


Lindsay Lohan has gone and out Lohan’ed herself once again.

Earlier this month, Linday’s new pal Charlie Sheen convinced his other pal Phillip Bloch to let LiLo borrow a lovely floor-length Theia gown for the annual amfAr Gala.  You can see the Lindsay and gown in its original glory here.

However, as the night went on, the dress morphed – dramatically and terribly.  US Weekly says after Lindsay accidentally ripped the dress at an after party, she asked the club’s bouncer (the freaking bouncer) – and he did.

With scissors.

A source says, “”She turned it into a mullet! Only a fashiony person would do that! She’s out of control and behaving really badly!”

Code for ‘drunk.’

Here’s the dress now:

Ripped Theia dress


A monstrosity.

So what lesson do we take away from this, kids?  A) don’t let Lindsay borrow anything (duh!) and B) don’t let Charlie Sheen influence you. In any way.



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