Prosecutors Want to Revoke Chris Brown’s Probation

Chris Brown

Oh these celebrities, who think they are above the law!

The Los Angeles County District Attorney has petitioned to have Chris Brown’s probation revoked because he believes that his community service record is complete bull shit.

Apparently Brown submitted a log that he was picking up trash in Virginia as part of his requirement to complete a measly 180 hours of community service in connection with the Rihanna beating incident, but there’s evidence that Brown was actually on a private jet on his way to Cancun.

Also, the Chief of Police in Richmond, VA, Bryan T. Norwood, wrote the Judge a letter last September stating that Chris completed 202 hours of community service doing things like working for the Tappahannock Children’s Center. But as it turns our, Norwood admitted that he only monitored Brown’s community service 9 or 10 times ever and the rest of the time he was working unsupervised. Apparently the detective that that the Court assigned to manage Brown’s community service did not physically monitor Brown’s activity either.

Apparently this big scheme was pretty far reaching too. The D.A. found out that the Norwood and various employees of the Children’s Center were all in cahoots with Brown’s attorney and were coached about how to answer the D.A.’s questioning when they came sniffing around for information. Luckily for the D.A. one guy who waxes the floor at the Children Center did not participate in the scheme and told the D.A. that he had been the only person to wax the floors in the last three years, which is contrary to Brown’s community service logs.

Another interesting point is that Chris’s mother used to be the director of the Children’s Center and apparently also had a big part in orchestrating this big community service scam.

The D.A. also thinks that Brown’s recent brawl with Frank Ocean could also be considered a probation violation and is ready to ask the Judge to make Chris cry.

Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, said that the D.A.’s motion is defamatory towards the Richmond Police Department and it’s shameful. He would know about shameful if this is all true.


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