Phillip Phillips Mom Busted for a DUI

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American Idol winner Phillip Phillips mom should’ve been arrested when she decided to give her son that atrocious name (that shit name is right up there with the kid I knew whose name was Michael Michael – no I’m not shitting you.  That’s tantamount to emotional abuse, IMO).  But severely bad taste in children’s moniker aren’t illegal – however, driving under the influence is. 

TMZ is reporting Phillip’s mom Sheryl Phillips was busted by the law in Albany, Georgia after she was spotted swerving her vehicle across lanes of traffic.  When cops pulled her over, they had enough reason to believe Sheryl was either drunk on or some good shit and arrested her for a DUI.

According to law enforcement, officers administered a field sobriety test and Sheryl was unable to complete it.

Cops took her into custody and transferred her to a nearby hospital, where doctors decided she was well enough to go to jail. She’s currently being booked in Dougherty County.

A source close to the family tells us, Phillip’s parents split up last week.

Phillip reportedly has a strained relationship with his family (his name alone has me already on his side). As of right now, it’s anyone’s guess if he’s going to help his mother out during this time.


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