Nicki Minaj Says She Hasn’t Had Plastic Surgery on Her Face


2012 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Nicki Minaj, this is a good one.  But you don’t actually expect us to believe you, do you? Because UNNHHHH…

Nicki Minaj is hitting back at claims that she’s had plastic surgery on her face (that’s not the only place she’s had plastic surgery…)

While doing promo for MAC makeup (and probably trying to convince bitches that MAC can change your face that drastically), Nicki told EXTRA that all the changes to her face came from a makeup brush, not a scalpel! While the entire viewing audience, snorted and gave a “Bitch please” eyebrow to the television, Nicki insisted she was speaking the truth:

”I’ve never had surgery on my face. They’ll see contour and they’ll think you had surgery on your nose. No, no, no, look at RuPaul’s Drag Race and you’ll see how you can make your nose look any shape you want. When people see my makeup, they think all types of crazy things that I’m doing to my skin, but it’s makeup.”

Hmph.  This is interesting because in this day and age of social media and the interwebz, all you got to do is a Google image search for Nicki Minaj plastic surgery and you’ll get all the photographic evidence you need to think Ms. Minaj doth protest too hard.


now bitch you know that a lie



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