Lindsay Turns Down Plea Offer

Lindsay LohanI swear, Lindsay Lohan can be at a fork in the road, and see the one that says “Take this path right here! It’s the right path! It’ll get you going to where you want and need to go!,” while the other one is labeled “You’re surely fucked if you go down this path. Seriously, take the other one. No – SERIOUSLY, take the other one!” and she will still take the latter.

Because that’s the only type of dumb ass fuckery logic that makes sense in this scenario.

Blohan has reportedly rejected the LA City prosecutors plea bargain in her case for lying to officers regarding her June 2012 car accident in Los Angeles.  You know – the one where she claimed she wasn’t driving the Porsche that rear ended a semi truck, but the law thinks otherwise.

The plea bargain is rumored to have required Blohan enter a rehab facility for 30 days – down from prosecutors original offer of 60 – and would allow Linds to avoid jail time.

Lindsay’s new ambulance chasing NY attorney Mark Heller - who is already butting heads with Lindsay – thinks LiLo is stupid for not taking the deal. (Duh!- everyone in the world) However, that shit wasn’t easy enough for Blohan, because she’s innocent y’all!

e’re told Heller and prosecutors have not given up, and one source connected with the talks tells TMZ, “Negotiations are ongoing.”

BUT … sources say Heller and Lindsay are not in lockstep — he’s willing to accept a plea that involves counseling and possibly some sort of rehab, but Lindsay says she’s not accepting any of it because to her it sounds like “punishment for something I didn’t do.”

(via TMZ)

Prosecutors are also reportedly not worried about striking a deal with the ‘actress’ (can we still call her that?) because they’re pretty sure they have a strong case going into court, which is scheduled for March 18th.

Stay tuned.


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