Let Vin Diesel’s Deep, Soothing Voice Serenade You


"Fast & Furious" UK Premiere - ArrivalsVin Diesel gave his fans – nay, the entire world – yesterday with a sweet and sexy Valentine’s Day that will make your panties or boxers melt right off.

Pulling the type of shit that I typically do when I’m three sheets to the wind and demanding somebody to “just order a fucking pizza and pour me another shot!”, Vin uploaded his own Barry White-esque type karaoke performance to his Facebook page.  In the vid, Vin singing along with Rihanna’s song “Stay.”  He even has the her music vid for it projected on the wall next to him.  RiRi’s video is actually pretty boring, because she just stays in the tub the entire time and leaves her audience to with nothing better to do than look for fart bubbles popping up.  However, since Vin Diesel is Vin Diesel, he knows how bring some fucking excitement to a party – and…a falsetto?  That’s right bitches! Vin is singing soprano.

Vin had uploaded this as a gift to his fans, who he has dubbed V’s Angels.  But when gives out VD gifts, the entire world welcomes it with arms wide open.

(via Gawker)




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