JLo Pulled an Angelina Jolie Last Night


So if you watched the Grammys, you were bored out of your mind probably saw Jennifer Lopez and her right leg babysitting her toddler boyfriend Casper Smart.

A few days CBS had warned attendees ahead of time not to show any side boob, underboob, cleavage, ass cleavage, or anything else that may look look nipple, ass crack, dick or twat.  Basically, they tried to take all our fun away from the show.

However, JLo decided to take a page out of Angelina Jolie’s stunt queen book  and put her entire right leg out there for everyone to see.  However, unlike the Sexy Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story and Angelina’s meme and Twitter-inspiring leg from last year, JLo’s attempt falls flat.  Perhaps it’s because her dress or so terrible, or perhaps it’s because her hair is pulled back so severe it’s making her face look tighter than a gnat’s ass. Either way, her entire look last night – including her pre-pubsecent boyfriend – was not a good one.


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