In Case You Missed It: Gerard Pique and Milan’s Cute Picture

If you were like me, you spent yesterday in a post-Super Bowl hungover haze, sitting on your couch watching Maury Povich and Jerry Springer and cursing yourself for having those last 3 rounds of shots late Sunday night.

Since I’m easing myself back into polite society (though I’m feeling a hundred times better – thank God for cheeseburgers and coffee), I wanted my first post-Super Bowl article to be something with a cute factor, instead of the typical Blohan or Kartrashian mess.

Shakira and Gerard Pique have asked people to share their joy over the birth of Milan with a World Wide Baby Shower, and asking for donations to be given to  UNICEF.  In honor of the fund – and to drive traffic to the donation page – they posted the first picture of baby Milan on the site.  In the pic, Gerard is leaning in to give tiny Milan a kiss on his cheek.

So break out the “Awwws”  because this picture is just too cute.

milan shakira


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