Dina Lohan is Still Selfish & Delusional

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Since I eased us into Tuesday with a cute baby post, I figured that it’s now time to get to the typical Hollywood fuckery we usually write about.  Or, you know, the Blohans.

Dina Lohan is doing her typical Dina Lohan ”whoa is me”  delusional bullshit yet again. This time, it was during her interview for Extra!, where she sat down with AC Slater AKA Mario Lopez to do PR for her new tell-all, “A Parent Trapped.”  Get it, Parent Trap? Yeah.  This family.

Anyhoo, here’s some of the interview:

When asked if trouble seems to find Lindsay or Lindsay finds trouble,” her mother replied, “A little bit of both. I really think she’s a target and since I am a single parent, I think they think there’s a weaker link that she doesn’t have as much protection around her.”

Dina said living in New York, closer to the family, is one way to keep Lindsay safe, “I have been trying to get her out of [L.A.] for five years… she’s safer at home.”

As for the rumors the mother and daughter were reportedly turned away from two hotels when they arrived in Los Angeles for Lindsay’s recent court appearance, Dina laughed, “That was so silly. We got to the hotel, and there were so many paparazzi, so we opted out.  We went to another hotel, the suites were full and then we ended up at the Beverly Hills Hotel.”

Dina also said she is sick of being a tabloid target, calling herself the most misunderstood mom in America. She has written a new tell-all book, “A Parent Trapped,” which details the Lohan family drama, including her relationship with ex-husband Michael Lohan.

Dina explained, “I don’t really want to speak about that on camera, but I’ve been a single mom my whole life. I’ve had sole custody and my other three have had no relationship with him… Yes, I feel like I’m the victim of domestic violence for years, so if I can save a life or change a life. I want it to be a helpful book. I’m always hopeful things will get better and slowly, but surely hopefully they are.”

As for what Dina would like Lindsay to do in the future, “I just want to babysit.”

There’s so much wrong with this entire thing that I don’t know where to start.  So let’s go with the thing that popped out the most at me. First, Dina wants Lindsay to have children.  I think pretty much everyone else in the world is in agreement when we all say that is totally a bad fucking idea.  LiLo is a hot ass mess and makes some of the people from Teen Mom look like they could be mother of the year.

Secondly, do you see the recurring theme of Dina Lohan here?  It’s all ME ME ME all the time.  Also, just in case you didn’t pick it up, DINA WAS A SINGLE MOM, Y’ALL.  She had no one! That Michael Lohan was a dick of an ex and she did all the work BY HERSELF.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not siding with Michael Lohan at all – especially since there’s a pretty good chance he was a mentally and physically abusive prick, and we all know he had drug issues.  But Dina – let’s be real, you aren’t exactly setting the bar for good – or hell, even mediocre – parenting skills.   Also, the way this woman has ridden Lindsay’s coattails into fame is just disgusting to me.  Dina Lohan has always come across as one of those pageant moms that jut really wanted her daughter to be famous so she could live through her, and everything she says here reinforces that notion for me.  And it makes me feel very sorry for LiLo because even though she’s a grown ass woman who should be able to take responsibility for her own bad decisions, between Michael and Dina Lohan’s craving for fame, it’s apparent the girl never stood a chance.


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