Well, That Was Quick

harry styles taylor swift kiss new years

Days after Haylor usher in the New Year with a kiss, the two have reportedly split.  Photo credit: HazzaUKStyles / Twitter

It looks like the contract between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift concluded with start of the new year.  According to several media outlets, the couple is as dunzo as my liver is after the past two weeks.  (When you have in laws visiting for the holidays followed by your best friend getting married, is your liver really expected to survive?!)

Sources close to the pair (read: their PR reps) say the two had a huge, blow out fight (read: their contract expired) leading to the demise of their relationship.

According to Page Six:

But just three days later, Swift caught an early-morning flight off of the island on January 4, after a blow-up fight with the boybander. Swift looked glum and introspective as she caught a boat solo to the airport on the morning of January 4.

tay tay boat

Photo from @Jhurls23/Twitter

Styles then took a trip over to Richard Branson’s private resort on Necker Island, where he hung out in the hottub and mingled with female fans until the early morning hours, according Business Insider.

By Saturday, January 5, he was back in the U.K.

So it seems Haylor is done for now, and tweenaged girls armed with Twitter rejoice.  In the meantime, life goes on, Tay-Tay will put out another forlorn and poorly written song about lost love and being scorned while Harry and the rest of One Direction will enjoy a year of fame before they go the  way of  The Jonas Brothers (read: obscurity).


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