EXCLUSIVE STORY: Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb ATTACKED By Bodyguards at NYE Party in Miami

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb

While we were all ringing in 2013 at our house parties or the local bar, the lovely Sofia Vergara and her fiancé Nick Loeb were at the swanky SoBe club, Story, along with Sofia’s family.

According to a VIP’er, who was sitting at a table near Nick and Sofia and who had a pretty good view of the happenings, Nick and Sofia were lucky enough to get a prime spot for the post-midnight party in the VIP section and spent their night cuddling and having fun together.

Sofia and Nick made headlines today after it was reported by the NYPost that the couple spent their NYE fighting. According to the NYPost, Nick was agitated and jealous that Chris Paciello, who dated Sofia in the 90′s, was the host of the VIP party at Story and, due to the tension, ended up getting in a fight with a nearby table. The brawl with the next table supposedly caused security to step in and Nick and Sofia to be kicked out.

Our confidential source says that the NYPost story and the others out there are false.

According to our confidential source, Fred Khalilian was sitting at the VIP table beside Sofia, her family and Nick. For whatever reason, Fred apparently thought that dropping a whopping $75k to have a bunch of bodyguards hover around his table was important for his safety and the sanctity of his night. Not surprisingly, the bodyguards, who created a wall or shield around Fred’s table, took up a lot of space in the already crowded VIP area and were constantly getting in the way of the VIPers who were trying to dance.

(Just an FYI, if you’re wondering who the hell Fred Khalilian is, Fred and Paris Hilton used to own a couple worthless clubs in Florida. He also owned a company that was shut down by the FTC in 2011 and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery after a woman accused him of rape. Fred is a classy dude.)

Meet Fred, real name Fereidoun:

Fred Khalilian


Anyhow, according to our confidential source, the bodyguards were a huge pain in the ass and eventually Sofia’s family left Story (probably because they were so irritated by the nuisance the bodyguards were causing everyone in the VIP area). At some point in time Sofia went through the picket line (the wall of bodyguards) to talk to Fred. Nick, being the gentleman and good fiancé that he is, tried to follow his lady to Fred’s table. Our source said that he saw Fred’s beastly bodyguards stop Nick from advancing to the table. Nick apparently tried to get through again and the bodyguards quickly leveled him to the ground. Within seconds, Nick had 3 BODYGUARDS on him!

(Guess they thought they needed to earn their keep.)

According to our source, Sofia started screaming at the bodyguards to get off off of Nick and she even tried to pry them off. Our source said that he saw one of the bodyguards forcefully grab Sofia as she was trying to come to the aid of her fiancé! 

It was during her efforts to free her fiancé from the unprovoked attack that she suffered a slight wardrobe malfunction. You would think that any wardrobe malfunction by the beautiful Sofia Vergara would instantly solve world hunger and bring peace to the world, but it did not.

Sofia was then escorted out of Story and Nick later followed after the bodyguards let him get up.

Contrary to all of the other reports out there, our source was very clear that Fred’s bodyguards were the instigators of the entire scene and that Nick and Sofia’s intentions were nothing more than to ask for a little neighborly consideration.


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