Shawn Holley Dumped LiLo for Good

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Today, Shawn Holley has a little extra spring in her step, a wider smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye.  That’s because the monkey on her back she calls Lindsay Lohan is out of her life once again – this time, for real.

If you recall, Blohan had dumped Shawn Holley for NY ambulance chaser Mark Heller last month.  The move raised eyebrows since Holley has miraculously been able to keep Lindsay’s ass out of jail several times. Many speculated the reason for Lindsay changing lawyers was due to the fact she is broke as a joke and can’t afford to pay Holley.  However, Blohan immediately regretted the decision and begged Shawn to stay on as her counsel.

But since Shawn was the only person in Blohan’s with any modicum of intelligence, she recognized this golden opportunity to escape LiLo’s cigarette-stained clutches and according to TMZ she is grabbing onto it for dear life:

Shawn Holley is saying goodbye to Lindsay Lohan for good, even though Lindsay has begged her to come back on board as her lawyer … TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the case tell us … Holley is in the process of filling out paperwork and getting the necessary signatures to officially withdraw from the case … before Lindsay’s hearing on January 30.

TMZ broke the story …. Lindsay fired Holley last week as she was on her way to the courthouse to discuss plea bargaining her lying-to-cops case.  Lindsay hired Mark Heller, a New York lawyer who is not licensed to practice in California.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ … Lindsay has told Holley she made a mistake firing her and wants her back, but Holley has had it with Lohan — who still owes her a ton of money.

No one can blame Shawn for dropping Linds like a hot potato.  And with Lindsay’s next court appearance just a week away, I can’t help but think that perhaps Lindsay won’t be so lucky in evading the clink this time.

And it could be exactly what she needs.


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