Quelle Surprise – Jenelle Evans Wants a Divorce

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Wilson

Love is dead.

I mean, who would’ve imagined the shotgun wedding between Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans and soon-to-be-ex-hubby Courtland Rogers would crash and burn so quickly? (Answer: Everyone in the whole wide world.)

Jenelle and Courtland, who pledged their undying love to each other and made it legal 51 days ago and just a week ago announced they were expecting their first child together are apparently over.

Just this morning, Jenelle headed to the hospital and some suspected the troubled reality star was having a miscarriage.  (Others, who are skeptical of the fact the TM2 star is even pregnant and think this is all a publicity stunt for money, thought it was for something else or a ‘conveniently timed’ miscarriage).  It appears Jenelle did not miscarry, after all, but Courtland wasn’t around to know for sure one way or the other.  It seems as if Courtland wasn’t even in town – a choice he consciously made knowing Jenelle was in medical trouble.

So Jenelle, being the classy person she is, took her rage to Twatter – as most intelligent human beings do when they’re pissed:

jenelle tweet 1


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