Lindsay Lohan is Still a Mess

"Liz and Dick" - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

On the eve of her next scheduled court appearance, it’s no surprise that Lindsay Lohan is up to her usual fuckery yet again.

Lindsay, who has officially fired longtime attorney Shawn Chapman Holley and retained New York ambulance chaser attorney Mark Heller, was set to appear in front of a judge tomorrow.  However, TMZ says LiLo was deemed to sick to travel, with a Park Avenue doctor diagnosing her with an upper respiratory infection this past Saturday. The doc said LiLo’s illness made flying for her – as well as other passengers – dangerous, and that because of it she shouldn’t take the chance on a flight from NYC to LA.

The thing is, that same day, Blohan was snapped doing a massive NYC shopping spree – and smoking cigarettes. TMZ has the photos here.

Which of course has us all raising an eyebrow while muttering to ourselves “bitch please.

If the judge in Blohan’s case finds her sickness excuse for not appearing in court to be bullshit, it’s likely Lindsay will have a bench warrant issues for her arrest – and she will face time in jail.

I guess we’ll have to see what tomorrow brings. Stay tuned.


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