Jenelle Evans Probably Got Teen Mom 2 Cancelled

jenelle evans

Hallelujah!  If MTV does in fact cancel Teen Mom 2, it’ll no doubt be the smartest thing the cable network has done in years.

According to the NY Post, MTV is ready to pull the plug on Teen Mom 2 because of Jenelle Evans ongoing legal issues, as well as her brief marriage to Courtland Rogers and recent miscarriage.’

The decision to end the show follows several months of erratic, headline-grabbing behavior by loose-cannon star Jenelle Evans.

Since Thanksgiving, Evans has become pregnant again, got married, lost her baby and publicly demanded a divorce.

“You f – – king leave out of town and I might be having a miscarriage?! F – – k U, U f – – king piece of sh – t,” she tweeted to her husband, Courtland Rogers, last week.

Evans, 21, also shared what appeared to be disturbing, play-by-play updates of her seven-week pregnancy ending.

“And this is the end, I think,” she shared with 632,800 followers Friday. “Feel light headed.”

Hours later, Evans tweeted that she was with her ex-fiance, Gary Head, at a North Carolina bar.

Insiders say producers are concerned the attention-seeking reality star has become a liability for the show, which tries to characterize itself as a cautionary tale about the hardships of too-young motherhood.

The fourth season of the show has already been taped, and MTV issued a statement announcing they will be revealing its premiere date, soon.  In the statement, the network also stated they have NOT made a decision about Teen Mom 2′s future past season four – but I think the post is right.  The end is nigh for this shit show.  Even by MTV’s low standards (and when I say low, I’m mean subterranean) , Jenelle’s recent drama is not a good look for the them.


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