In Case You Missed It: Taylor Swift’s “Losing” Face

taylor swift loses to adele

Taylor Swift’s winning face has become a running joke of sorts.  People have long made fun of her overly face ‘shocked’ face whenever she nabbed yet another award in her long string of them.  Last year, even SNL’s Kristen Wiig made fun (and was a dead ringer) of Tay-Tay’s “awards face” during a hilarious Beyonce/Jay Z/Blue Ivy  skit on the show.

Last night, we got to see what the opposite of Tay’s “Winning face” when Adele nabbed the Golden Globe for Best Original Song – and, my dear reader, Taylor’s losing face is not pretty.  In fact, it’s downright UGLY.

If Taylor’s eyes were knives, Adele’s body would’ve been mutilated on stage last night while she was accepting her well-deserved award for Skyfall, the hauntingly beautiful song she wrote and performed for the latest Bond flick of the same name.

As Adele laughs in genuine surprised delight at winning the award, Taylor looks as if she’s trying to Jedi mind-trick the Brit singer into falling off stage.

Check out the full scene below.


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