Chris Brown Compares Himself to Jesus Christ on the Cross



Can Chris Brown just go away? Seriously?  At some point, this shit just gets ridiculous – and no, I can’t separate the music from the person.  When the person is the equivalent of the liquid that’s left post-anal irrigation (really, that’s an insult to the liquid that’s left post anal-irrigation), it’s really fucking hard do, so I’m not going to even try.

Anyhoo, after Chris the Fist lived up to his nickname again yesterday when he allegedly jumped Frank Ocean outside of a West Hollywood studio, Chris of course had to do something to make himself come off as an even bigger douche than he already had (damn near impossible).  But of course, this is Chris Brown, so he found a way to do it – and of course, it involved Instagram, because that and Twatter are where celebrities go to best show off their assholishness.

Chris, bemoaning his fate in life how he always ends up the misundersetood victim when his fists somehow violently connect with other peoples’  faces, posted up a drawing of Jesus Christ on the cross and writing “painting the way I feel today…Focus on what matters!”

So Chris feels like a persecuted Christ.  Because you can’t have Christ without “Chris” or something.  Who the fuck knows with this guy? His delusions of grandeur and martyrdom really know no bounds by this point.

Chris, before you keep up comparing yourself  to the son of God, you may want to practice that whole “turn the other cheek” thing.  I’m pretty sure no version of the Bible anywhere interprets that as “punch the other cheek.”

In other related news, Frank Ocean will be seeking charges against Chris Brown, which could very well violate his current probation from his 2009 beating of Rihanna.



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