Photoshop of Horrors: Kim Kardashian Heavily Airbrushed for Factice Magazine

Kim K Factice Magazine 2


You know, it’s pretty bad when a magazine takes Kim Kardashian’s already Photoshopped-in-real-life face and airbrushes every Botoxed pore into an unrecognizable oblivion.  In fact, up until today, I wouldn’t have even thought it possible to make Kim’s face look even more plastic and fake than the Kardashian/Jenner family surgeon already has.  However,  because you should never say never, French magazine Factice has come out and show us how it’s done.

This level of Photochopping in an advertisement would be banned in the UK, for real.  (But then, perhaps Kim’s face would be banned for being overly fake, as well?)  I really don’t have much more to say than “Holy photoshop, Catman!”

I would try to bring a few words of Kim’s wisdom from this magazine interview, but we all know that doesn’t exist.  Plus, I don’t speak French and can’t be bothered to use the Google Translate tool.  So we’ll talk about Kim’s plastic surgery inspiration, Bruce and Kris Jenner.  


“Kylie and Kendall broke down crying to Bruce,” an insider close to the family told Star magazine — going on to claim that there’s tension in the family over fears that Kris has been putting the teenage girls’ burgeoning careers ahead of their childhood.

According to Star, following a huge fight with Kris over the girls, Bruce not only stormed out of the family’s home in Calabasas, CA., but he’s now currently looking for somewhere new to live. Surprisingly, according to Star, cheering in his corner of the ring are stepchildren KourtneyKhloe and Robert, who want to protect the youngest members of the family.

Meanwhile, Star reports that Kourtney is sick and tired of her mom meddling in her troubled relationship with her fiance and father of her two childrenScott Disick, and the only one siding with their mom is middle daughter, Kim.

Of course Kimmy-cakes would side with her mom.  Kim is practically Kris’s ventriloquist puppet.  Without her Pimp Momager’s (or Kanye’s) hand up her ass, Kim wouldn’t know which direction to turn her head half the time, much less be able to function on a daily basis.

Here are the rest of Kim’s photos from Factice.

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