Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Selling Her Clothes To Pay IRS

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Lindsay Lohan has a huge tax problem, which was only slightly alleviated by Charlie Sheen’s generous $100,000 donation to the Lohan Charity. Unfortunately for Lindsay, $100k just wasn’t enough to make Uncle Sam satisfied and he’s now taken over all of her bank accounts until he’s paid the $233,904 in back taxes he’s owed.

Sources close to Lindsay say she is in full on freak out mode about how she’s going to pay her taxes on top of how she’s going to avoid jail after her multiple criminal events over the past month. So, in a desperate attempt to make some cash because she’s probably not going to make a lot more from acting since her piss poor performance on “Liz & Dick,” Lindsay is selling all of her old clothes.

According to RadarOnline, Lindsay asked her little sister, Ali, to take a bunch of clothes, accessories, and shoes to Wasteland, which is a vintage clothing store in Los Angeles to sell her stuff. Unfortunately, both Ali and Lindsay underestimated how much money those vintage, second-hand stores offer for your used duds and someone apparently overheard Ali asking the store clerk why they were only willing to pay $30 for an item that cost Lindsay $700 to buy new.

Ali also tried convincing the store clerk that the items were worth more because Lindsay was photographed in them. Ali doesn’t realize that an association with Lindsay doesn’t add value to anything.

Reportedly Ali took the low prices and walked out of the store with some cash, but certainly not enough to make a dent on what the IRS is owed.


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