Kate Bosworth Sings in New Topshop Commercial

Kate Bosworth

So, this is what’s left of Kate Bosworth’s career.  Whisper-singing for Topshop. Granted, this is probably the best acting I’ve seen her do – well, since sometime before the godawful Superman Returns.

Now, Kate’s not a bad singer, per se.  But she’s not really singing, either.  She’s just breathing into a microphone.  It’s obvious they tried to give this a ‘sexy’ or ‘sultry’ feel, but it’s a fucking Christmas song, which by nature is neither sexy nor sultry (Exception:  Eartha Kitt, but she made everything sexy).

Kate related this to US Weekly about the experience: “Topshop is a cool brand I’ve always worn, so to create this film with them was so much fun. Michael and I got to hang out in London for a couple weeks to work with the whole team there — we even got staff passes! I hope everyone enjoys watching it as much as we did making it.”

Um, it took a couple of weeks to make this? The hell? What took so long?

Anyway, the ad is about as boring as I find Kate to be.  Also, I still can’t believe she used to bang Alexander Skarsgard.  So unfair.



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