Kat Von D and DeadMau5 Are Engaged

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Well, isn’t is a match made in trash bag hell.  Kat von D, star of the now-canceled series L.A. Ink and DeadMau5,  shitty music extraordinaire, have decided to spend the rest of their lives a few months together in wedded bliss (cause seriously, does anyone think this will last longer than that? No.)

DeadMau5 (real name Joel Zimmeman) got all romantic with his proposal by POPPING THE QUESTION VIA TWATTER. For a normal girl, this alone would have her saying “Hell no!” in two seconds flat. But Kat has a thing for douchebags, so of course she accepted:

deadmau5 kat von d proposal 1Upon Kat’s yes, also via Twatter, DeadMau5 revealed the depth of his feelings with this poignant tweet:

dead mau5 kat von d proposal 3

By the way, if you’re like me and didn’t know these two were even dating (honestly, they’re rating on the Relevance Radar is like -2), the two became an item all the way back in September.

That’s right, a total of 3 months.

Prior to DeadMau5, Kat and Jesse James were engaged before she found out he’d banged at least 19 other girls while they were together. Suprisingly, she didn’t see any possibility of James being a cheating bag of dicks after Sandra Bullock divorced his ass over, surprise surprise, having an affair with Michelle “Bombshell” McGhee.

So of course Kat and Joel decided to put a ring on it.


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