MTV “Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans Marries

Courtland Wilson

‘You stay classy San Diego’

In between getting arrested, again and again, MTV “Teen Mom” who’s mother actually cares for her kid, Jace, managed to marry Courtland Rogers after only three months of dating and two weeks of engagement.

Courtland is probably the perfect match for Jenelle, who is pretty much a complete mess. Courtland is also a single parent and has been to jail twice already, once in 2006 and once in 2011 for four months for larceny.

What’s also hilarious is that only seven hours ago, Courtland and Jenelle tweeted this:


tweet 1

A) Why did she go to a psychiatrist for a pregnancy test?

B) Shouldn’t you find out definitively whether you’re pregnant before marrying?

C) Wonder whether they’ll get an annulment now since the marriage may have been a hasty decision?

By the way, if you want a good read, check out Courtland’s twitter, which basically consists of him telling people that he has a job, he doesn’t look like a heroin addict, he isn’t a whore, he isn’t fat and he’s not a hater.


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