Happy Holidays from Mario Lopez’s Underwear Clad Butt

So over the weekend, I had my close friend Nik in town visiting as we planned her quickly approaching January wedding date.  In the midst of discussions about cake and photography, there was also a lot of booze consumption, which is to be expected.  Now we’re both back at work today, trying our damnest to have more than the attention span of a gnat and also fight down our rebelling livers.  So far, neither one of us are being too successful.

So in the meantime, I present Mario Lopez’s ass as a peace offering to you, Dear Reader.  While Nik’s fiancee JGood and Mr. Ripley were busy trying to put up our Christmas tree on Thursday night (spoiler alert: they failed), Mario showed us his ass is the reason for the season, as he pulled some straight up AC Slater moves to put the star on top of his family Christmas tree.

Mario’s wife, Courtney Lopez, twatted out this gift that keeps on giving, saying “My husband looks hot rockin his @RatedMOfficial with his little elf….#lovethem.”


mario lopez's ass


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