The Roxy Gets the Last Laugh on Adam Levine

I’ve suspected Adam Levine of being a insufferable douchebag ever since that shitacular song “She Will Be Loved” played on every five minutes on the radio back in 2004.  Now, I know assuming  he was a complete bag of dicks based on this is rather irrational (yet completely understandable since a donkey’s ass farts better music than Maroon 5′s records).

However, on Monday nigh’s episode of The Voice, it seems Adam gave the world further evidence that he’s a smug prick.  Somehow the topic of popular LA nightclub The Roxy came up (don’t ask me, I don’t watch any reality TV unless there is a possibility of a weave-snatching catfight breaking out or lie detector and/or paternity test results are given in front of a live studio audience.  I have standards.)  Anyhoo, the words “The Roxy” are to Adam Levine’s ears what his vocals are to mine, and he shat this nugget of information out about the club:

“I remember we opened for her [Michelle Branch] at the Roxy, and they didn’t even give us a dressing room. I hate the Roxy. I’ll never play there again,” ranted Levine.

Then someone on the show tried to show the Roxy some love, but Levine wouldn’t let it go. “Oh, the Roxy is horrible. Don’t ever go there,” he said.

“They screwed us over,” he continued. “And now they’re paying for it.”

(via HuffPo)

At first, The Roxy was all “WTF, Mate?” and twatted out this response to Adam’s rant: “”Ummm, what was that about?”

Then, they ratcheted the Sassy up to DEFCON 5 and shared their new brand new marquee to the Twitterverse:

The Roxy then went on to give a more detailed response to Yahoo! News:

Maroon 5 played the Roxy at least five times,” he said. “[Adam's previous band] Kara’s Flowers played there like every weekend. I use Maroon 5 as an example of a hard-working band that played the Sunset Strip and played the clubs and blew up. And so when he said that…you know, the Roxy has no control over dressing rooms. If Michelle Branch is playing, it’s Michelle Branch’s show. And if her management says, ‘I want Michelle in this dressing room and I want her band in this other dressing room,’ we’re at the mercy of the headliner. For a band to think dressing rooms define how we treat bands is crazy.

Bias notwithstanding, it sounds like Adam was being a whiny and ungrateful little bitch.  And his little temper tantrum on the show backfired on him, with The Roxy smelling like roses.

Team: Roxy.


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