Of Course Rihanna and Chris Brown’s New Song is Called “Nobody’s Business”

I can’t with these two.  I’m not going to victim blame Rihanna, because at this point, I think it’s pretty obvious the girl is pretty fucked up mentally.  However, I just can’t with her and Chris Brown together.  So really, I’m not surprised the two are putting out yet another song together and throwing it in the world’s face they’re at least fucking and in the same breath saying it’s none of our business. I mean literally.  it’s titled “Nobody’s Business.”  Bitches, please.  If you really thought that was the case, then maybe making songs like “Birthday Cake“ and this one.

Also, lyrics like Chris’s line  ”your love is perfection, it leads me in the right direction” makes anyone with half a brain  pause and wonder “you mean, the direction of your fist, Christopher!??”

Anyway, here’s a snippet of the song, which not only combines bad taste, but sounds tragically 80′s, as well.



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