Ke$ha Actually Looked Good at the AMA’s; Pink’s Husband Pressed

Ke$ha traded in her usual glitter makeup, vodka-soaked deodorant and Garbage Pail kid clothing for a glamorous, mature – and dare I say it - good look at the American Music Awards last night.  In fact, she was one of the night’s best dressed performers at the show (though to be fair, that’s like saying she was the most polished turd in a toilet bowl full of diarrhea).

Anyhoo, Ke$ha actually took a shower, brushed her hair and donned a flattering dress and hot Louboutin shoes.  On top of looking damn good, the girl also put on one of the best performances of the night, doing a fun rendition of her hit song, Die Young.  Now, I’ll admit, I hated Ke$ha when she first came out with that godawful song Tik Tok  (I still snarl and switch the channel when it comes on the radio.)  But every subsequent single of hers slowly eroded my distaste for her.  The bitterness converted into full blown fandom, though, with her amazing music video for Blow.  James Van Der Beek, Glitter Guns, and Unicorns?  Hell YEAH!

However,  Pink’s husband, Carey Hart, is not one of Ke-dollar-sign-ha’s admirer’s.  Last night, he twatted out this regarding the performance:

Basically, he came off as a pretentious dick, which is pretty funny since his wife makes pretty much the same type of fucking music as Ke$ha.   Talk about pressed.

(via ONTD)




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