Lindsay May Have Probation Revoked By Judge

Lindsay Lohan was charged with a misdemeanor lying to police officer during the investigation into her June 2012 car accident where she was accused of driving her vehicle into the rear end of an 18-wheeler on the PCH. Lindsay told the police that she was not driving the car but they quickly realized that she was a huge liar and charged her with the misdemeanor on November 6, 2012.

Being charged with a misdemeanor for anything would be sucky enough, but for Lindsay is particularly shitty because she is on probation for the jewelry theft thing.

Well, TMZ is now reporting that Judge Jane Godfrey intends to tell Lindsay at the arraignment for the criminal charge of lying to the police that her probation is officially revoked.

The criminal case has not been filed yet, but it apparently will be soon, which means Lindsay should start having all the legal fun she can now, because her days as a free woman could be limited if the Judge decides to take a hard line with her.


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