Friday Freakiness: More Highlights from TLC’s Upcoming Show, Extreme Cougar Wives

Since TLC is determined to give all their viewers a healthy dose of 24/7 second-hand embarrassment programming, they have continued to add to their collection of cringe-worthy reality shows with their latest offering, Extreme Cougar Wives.

Welp…Access Hollywood has given us a more in-depth preview of what we could expect from TLC’s vision of a real-life version of The Golden Girls.  Except in TLC’s version, they girls are all Blanche, but 76-year-old Hattie looks more like Sophia.  Or that crazy gyspy lady from Drag Me to Hell.

At this point, I can’t imagine why anyone would sign up for one of TLC’s reality creations, since the network basically figured out how bring The People of Walmart off our computer screens and onto our TV’s . However, I guess money wins over dignity more often than not.

(via ONTD)


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