Demi One-Ups Ashton By Dating 26-Year Old

Meet Vito Schnabel from 2008. He looks a little older and more in shape in 2012, but is nevertheless still a 20-something boy.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have been separated for over a year and although Ashton has been dating Mila Kunis for the last six months, Demi has remained out of dating sight until now.

It’s being reported by Page Six that Demi, who is 50-years-old, is dating Vito Schnabel, who is only 26-years-old! Vito is an art dealer and is the son of a famous painter.

Reportedly Demi met Vito at Naomi Campbell’s birthday party for her billionaire boyfriend in Jodhpur, India. A party guest said that Demi and Vito were “dancing and grinding all over each other, opening, in front of other guests.” Another source told Page Six that the two have been spending time together for nearly a month, but did not spend Thanksgiving together. Demi was apparently with her daughters in Lake Tahoe, likely trying to explain why she insists on dating men the same age as her eldest daughter and Vito was in Jamaica.

Rumer needs to strike the same deal with Demi as I have with my single and looking father: He cannot date someone who is closer to my age than his age. This is how I protect my gag reflexes. I highly recommend it for the Willis/Moore family.


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