Charlie Sheen Gives Lilo $100k to Pay Tax Bill

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly in the whole to the IRS roughly $234,000 from taxes owed during 2009 and 2010. Not even Lindsay knows how much money she has, but she apparently doesn’t have that much money.


TMZ is reporting that at some point in time during the filming of “Scary Movie 5″, Charlie offered Lindsay a little help with her tax bill. She apparently declined the money, which must have been really difficult for her.


Then, out of the blue very recently, sources close to Lindsay told TMZ that her business manager received a check from Charlie for $100,000 to be applied to her tax debt. Of course Lindsay took the money this time even though she’s supposed make over $2M in 2012.


Now the timing of all of this is rather peculiar because “Liz and Dick” aired last night on Lifetime, which was supposed to be Lindsay’s big comeback but was not loved by the viewers, at least according to Twitter.



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