Tom Cruise’s Neighbor Arrested and Tasered

Clearly Tom is a little sensitive and protective right now because he had his neighbor, Jason Sullivan, 41, arrested on Sunday after he allegedly came on to his property in a drunken haze. Now admittedly, Sullivan had to scale a fence to get on Tom’s property, but still – the man is your neighbor!!

After Tom’s security guard noticed the stranger trying to get on the property around 9:35 p.m., he called the police and then promptly shot Sullivan with a taser and detained him until the police arrived.

Sullivan, who is an Australian interior designer and TV personality, was taken to the local hospital and treated for his injuries related to the taser and/or drunkenness and/or humiliation of just scaling a fence.

Police stated and Sullivan concurs that he was drunk at the time and that he was just confused about which property he was entering via death defying stunts. Sullivan lives adjacent to Tommy.

Things are going to be pretty awkward at the next neighborhood block party.


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