“The Lone Ranger” Official Movie Trailer

So, you’re telling me Johnny Depp has teamed up with director Gore Verbinksi and Disney to play an eccentric “sidekick” character who dresses funny, wears makeup and he still gets top billing? And Helena Bonham-Carter also stars in the movie?  What a fantastic and unique idea that Depp has never done before! Ever!

Contrary to what you will believe after watching this trailer, Johnny Depp is not starring in a remake of The Crow. This is actually a trailer of another remake – the 1950′s television series, The Lone Ranger.  Depp portray’s Lone Ranger’s trustworthy sidekick, Tonto.  And he’s wearing a crow on his head cause he’s American Indian! Get it! ‘Cause Native American’s did things like that.  And he’s dressed like The Crow because that’s eccentric! And Johnny Depp plays eccentric characters!


Also, though Helena is in this flick, Tim Burton  was not involved in the production of the movie (shocking, I know.)  I guess Johnny being in it was enough to have her there.

Anyhoo, here is the first official trailer for The Lone Ranger, which actually stars Armie Hammer as the Ranger, Johnny Depp as <insert random Johnny Depp character here because he’s played the same GD “eccentric” character since Pirates of the Caribbean>, Helena Bonham-Carter as someone.  The film opens in theaters July 3, 2013.  And I’ll see it anyway because I like Armie Hammer (and it looks a little bit good.)


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