That Other Knowles Sister Has a New Music Video

In today’s News You Don’t Care About:

Beyonce’s younger sister you forgot about and (and will promptly forget again after reading this)  Solange Knowles has a new music video for her single that you’ve never heard, Losing You.  I don’t know what this shit is about, because I didn’t make it that far in, to be honest.  I took the quickest exit when I realized the 80′s-ness of it all was remind me of too much of my horrible kid-mullet feathered hair and and slatted plastic sunglasses (I don’t care that Kanye tried to bring them back – they died a horrible death in the mid 80′s and that’s exactly where they should stay).

Anyhoo, Solange shot the vid for this in Cape Town, South Africa.  This entire video seems to have been filmed with an Instagram filter, which is how you know it’s shit.  Note the YouTube comments for it has been disabled.  I’m assuming whomever uploaded purposefully did that, knowing that if the Intenret had nothing nice to say, it was better not to let them say anything at all.  Let’s be real – the only people watching this will be the ones who’ve gotten dared by their friends to see how far they could make it into the  video before they pressed the stop button.



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